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China Embraces Ethereum

CBDC running smart contracts on Ethereum! That idea has now been proposed semi-officially in China, by Yao Qian, former head of the digital currency initiative at China’s central bank (see link below). The proposal is important both by showing how central bank thinking is advancing rapidly to embrace the idea of CBDC and cryptocurrencies operatingContinue reading “China Embraces Ethereum”

The Harmonic Triangle: CBDC, Cryptos, Stablecoins

The Harmonic Triangle of Cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and Stablecoins is slowly starting to emerge as the digital future. CBDC, Cryptos and Stablecoins are complements, not rivals Far from being rivals, these three have the potential to be highly complementary. Look at what each of the three does best: – CBDC: The universalContinue reading “The Harmonic Triangle: CBDC, Cryptos, Stablecoins”

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